NeuroFit Gym
1361 West Euless Blvd #101, Euless, Tx 76040
Gym Hours
Weekdays 11a - 7p
Saturdays 10a - 2p
Voice: 817-571-1323
FAX: 817-835-0096
Mailing Address:
Neuro Fitness Foundation
1500 Westpark Way, Euless, TX 76040
Join Us

Membership to the Neuro Fitness Foundation is open to individuals with neurological challenges to meet their fitness goals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The membership packet consists of a few short pages, including a physician’s release. Please don’t provide us with your personal medical information as we do not need them. 

  1. Download the PDF of the New Client Packet by clicking here.
  2. Print and fill in the blanks.
  3. Obtain a physician’s release (must use our physician’s release form in the New Client Packet). The doctor can return to the Neuro Fitness Foundation by FAX (817-835-0096). This release is required so we can help you observe any restrictions to your exercise regimen. It is also required for enrollment.
  4. Call 817-571-1323 and ask to speak with Shelby Lauderdale, fitness director, to schedule your Welcome interview.

COSTS*: $30 donation pledge per month.
Payments can be done with cash, checks, or credit cards.

*No one is turned away! Financial assistance is available if needed.

PLEDGES can be made by any family member, business, or supporter of the Neuro Fitness Foundation via this website.

You are also welcome to visit the NeuroFit Gym at your convenience to see it in person. At that time, we can give you a packet if necessary.